Gut Panker

Things to know

The peaceful and relaxing community of Panker lies on the edge of the hilly countryside of Holstein Switzerland. Over Hubertsberg and you are only a few metres away from the natural Baltic Sea beach.  The pride of the community is the 500 year old Panker Estate with the fairy-tale white manor, the chapel, a mighty gatehouse, old commercial and residential buildings, stables, horses and infinitely green fields. Footpaths redolent of legend lead to the 128 m high Pilsberg and to the "Hessenstein" look-out tower which offers a wonderful view all the way to Kiel, Fehmarn and the Danish islands. The community consists of the villages of Darry, Gadendorf, Matzwitz, Satjendorf and Todendorf as well as the Panker Estate and it contains 1,520 inhabitants.

Tips and things to see

Panker Estate

"Hessenstein" look-out tower

Art galleries and small shops

Art galleries and small shops