Summer, sun, beach!

kids on the beach

Holidaying with the children

... is a new challenge every year. A lot of different interests have to be satisfied: neither the adults who need to relax, nor the children who are hungry to explore nature and go on adventures, want to be short changed. The golden mean between activities and relaxation has to be found.

We will help you prepare for what will hopefully be the "most beautiful weeks of the year" in Hohwacht Bay on the Baltic Sea coast. If the children are happy on holiday, the parents are also satisfied. Smaller holiday guests are particularly well catered for on Sehlendorf beach as the water here is shallow. Everyone can splash, swim, dig and build to their heart's content and without a care in the world.

Jogging, volleyball, frisbees, aerobics or just be a child again and dig holes and build castles. There is nothing to stop your need for physical exercise. The leisure programme consisting of making things, playing or polishing amber offers enough variety in July and August.

Here are our tips for excursions for the whole family in the neighbouring areas:


Turmhügelburg, Lütjenburg



(Spielplatz), Hohwacht


Eselpark, Nessendorf


Eiszeitmuseum, Lütjenburg

Obst Erlebnis Garten

Obst-Erlebnis-Garten, Blekendorf

Straußenfarm, Hohenfelde