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Framed by the Kleiner and Großer Binnensee lakes, the holiday resort of Behrensdorf is within easy walking distance of the natural Baltic Sea beach and the neighbouring community of Panker. In the middle of a designated nature sanctuary with rare plants and protected bird species, there is a lot to discover so close to nature. Be sure to pack a pair of binoculars when you come here. The "Neuland" lighthouse is the landmark of the area, built in 1918 it's not just a popular place to go for an excursion but also in great demand as a place to get married. Modern camping sites near the beach and the lighthouse, many lovingly furnished holiday homes and farm holidays offer a relaxing way to spend your holidays. The community of Behrensdorf is made up of the villages, Kembs, Stöfs, Lippe and Wakerneverstorf.

Tips and things to see

"Neuland" lighthouse

"Neuland" lighthouse

Steilküste & Hinterland

Salt marshes and swampy meadows near the dikes

Kronswarder and the south eastern part of Großer Binnensee

Kronswarder and the south eastern part of Großer Binnensee


View from Königstein
(memorial stone to King Wilhelm the First of Prussia)

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