Landschaft Hinterland

Archaeological cycle paths:

discover the treasures of times past on a cycle tour of the hinterland. Traces from the Bronze and Stone ages are to be seen in many places but some of them are only visible if you look twice. Read here and find out more about the burial mounds and grave finds from the region. You can also take a short-cut if you want to make the tour shorter. 

Tip: plan a stop at Lake Sehlendorf on the way and watch the lively goings-on of the various bird species! The natural world of Hohwacht Bay shows its finest side here.

Length of tour: 22.6 km
Starting point: Hohwacht Tourist Information Office or anywhere on the tour (circular route)
Course: Hohwacht – Futterkamp – Kaköhl – Sehlendorf - Hohwacht
Getting there: only possible by car or hire a bike in Hohwacht (and arrive by bus)
Car parks: Hohwacht (parking fee) & Lütjenburg

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