Adventurous outlook:

The hilly hinterland of Hohwacht Bay gives you a wonderful view over the whole terrain in many places. If you choose to cycle through this countryside on which the push moraines have left their mark, you will be rewarded again and again with superb views over the bay and the Baltic Sea. But you can also get even higher and enjoy the expanses with a view from the Bismarck Tower in Lütjenburg, from the Hessenstein in Panker or on certain occasions even from the Neuland lighthouse. You should certainly take a pair of binoculars with you!

Tip: it's worth visiting the ice age museum and the motte castle on your way back!



Length of tour: 23 km
Starting point: perhaps the Bismarck tower in Lütjenburg (circular tour)
Course: Lütjenburg – Stöfs – Gadendorf – Darry - Lütjenburg
Getting there: only possible by car or hire a bike in Lütjenburg (and arrive by bus)
Car parks: Lütjenburg e.g. at the Bismarck Tower or Gildenplatz

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