Naturstrand Hohenfelde

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Miles of sand and natural beaches and an original village community offers a holiday resort with especially traditional charm and a relaxing idyll. If you like things natural and rustic, and if you prefer camping sites and lovingly furnished holiday apartments or you're planning to take your dog with you on holiday, Hohenfelde is the place for you. Make sure you stop at the ostrich farm on your bike tour through the area, inviting picnic areas offer lots of space to spread yourselves out. Keen riders and anglers can also pursue their hobbies in Hohenfelde.  The community consists of the villages of Grünberg, Hoffeld, Krummsiek, Malmsteg, Monkamp, Mühlenau and Radeland.

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Multi-functional hall: Strandkrabbe

Ostrich farm

position of Hohenfelde

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touristinformation Hohenfelde
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